Top Medium Dog Breeds

Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. Big or small, they are companions that become part of your life and even your family. If you are new to learning about these pooches, a medium sized dog breed might be a good type to start with. Medium-sized…


Most Popular Corgi Mixes

Dog lovers would agree that having a pet is like going for a shop – one can easily get lost with all the nearly unlimited choices. Every dog breed takes pride in their specific characteristics yet they all look adorable in our perspective. A cute…


Most Popular Chihuahua Mixes

Chihuahuas are one of the most recognizable dog breeds. Being the smallest of them all, they have a celebrity-like status. The baby Yoda of the canine world sometimes fell in love with other breeds and magic happens. Few things are as cute as a nice,…


How To Make A Dog Throw Up?

So, your furry little friend, biscuit-eater puppy swallowed something he wasn’t supposed to? Fear not. We’ll teach you how to make a dog throw up safe and sound. Please, bear in mind that if your dog swallowed sharp or metal objects, you shouldn’t induce vomit….


Can Dogs Eat Broccoli?

Why keep feeding your dogs with high-calorie cookies? If you eat healthily, so should your furry friends! Treat your dog by feeding him with broccoli. They will supplement the commercial dog feeds approved by your veterinarian. However, there is a catch! You don’t just go…


How Much Exercise Does My Dog Need?

It is the responsibility of every dog owner to keep their dog healthy by maintaining a healthy diet and visiting the vet regularly. However, this is not enough to make your dog healthy and happy. Dogs require regular exercises to tone their muscles, stimulate their…


Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

Our four-legged friends go wacky about nuts, don’t they? You are eating a handful of almonds and your dog is going crazy. We have all been there. They activate the puppy-eyes mode and ask for some of those nuts. They go nuts themselves. Almonds are…


10 Best Dog Foods for Chihuahua in 2020

With all the options that people can choose from in the market, it is convenient nowadays to find something for your pets, may it be toys or food. On the other hand, it is also easy for people to overlook important details such as ingredients…


7 Best Carpet Cleaners for Pets in 2020

While pet-lovers can find their creatures as stress-relievers, this will not be the case every time. As cute as they often are, they will have to relieve themselves since it is only natural. However, without extensive training and being allowed to let loose around the…