German Shepherd

11 Best Dog Foods for German Shepherd in 2020

Out of several dog breeds, a German shepherd dog makes an admirable guard dog, rescue dog and police dog that will make you feel secure. According to AKC, the second-most popular dog breed by registration is the German shepherd. Owning an intelligent dog like this…

Tips to Ensure You Never Lose Your Dog

How to Make Ensure You Never Lose Your Dog

Dogs are not only cuddly creatures that keep us company and secure. They’re also a part of every owner’s family. We all know that every pet parent’s fear is losing them; however, we must also admit that most dogs are quite inquisitive and would like…

Smallest Dog Breeds in The World

Smallest Dog Breeds in The World

Due to a lot of interbreeding and cross-breeding done by humans to dogs, a lot of new dog species were introduced. Some of them have been able to achieve improvements in their physical attributes while others underwent changes in their behavior. Although size does vary…

Can dogs eat oranges

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Have you been out of ideas about what to feed your dogs? Or are you thinking of what other treats you can give to your dogs? Then, you may have wondered if it is okay to give your dogs some fruits? This article will answer…

Sick dog

10 Most Common Dog Diseases and How to Treat Them

Dogs and human beings have a history since time immemorial. Because of this great friendship, human beings have incorporated dogs in their living and ensured they were and are treated just a little bit less than human beings and certainly more than other animals. Here…

Can dogs eat pineapple

Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Fruits play a major role in keeping your dog’s health balanced and providing him with all the essential nutrients his body needs. However, not all fruits are safe for canine consumption, as some of them tend to be harmful and might even be lethal even…

Italian Dog Breeds

Italian Dog Breeds

If you are fond of the most loyal animals known to man, then you have to travel to Italy to find some of the best and cutest dog breeds. Italy is famed for a lot of things, some dating back to ancient times. It has…

Best Dog Frisbees

10 Best Dog Frisbees in 2020

More and more dog owners are becoming aware of the importance of giving their furry friends dog toys as a means of keeping them active. This has been due to the fact that there’s been an increasing rate of obesity among dogs, thereby resulting in…

Best Senior Dog Foods

11 Best Senior Dog Foods in 2020

Senior dog foods are made for the older dogs, especially those who are in the borderline of their average lifespan. They contain all the essential nutrients needed for your pet dog to survive aging and fight against age-related illnesses and diseases. That said, choosing the…

Best Dog Repellents and Deterrents

11 Best Dog Repellents and Deterrents in 2020

Although man and dog have, for ages, lived together symbiotically, it can’t be avoided that some dogs might still rely on their feral instincts, especially when they feel threatened. That’s why the best dog repellents and deterrents have gained popularity as more and more people…