Best dog backpacks
Apparel and Accessories

10 Best Dog Backpacks in 2019

If you love hiking or camping together with your four-legged friend, letting him carry a dog backpack containing some of his important belongings could help ease up your load. Dog backpacks are actually a thing these days. Plus, it also provides him with a great…

Best Hound Dog Breeds

The Best Hound Dog Breeds

Hounds are generally hunters by nature due to their great sense of smell. While they make great family dogs nowadays, they actually have a long history of serving as hunting partners because of their athleticism and resilient nature. Although they may not really be dedicated…

Healthiest Dog Breeds

5 Healthiest Dog Breeds

Seeing any of our loved ones suffer from any kind of health concern could sometimes hurt us just as much at their sickness hurts them. Our beloved canine companions are no exception; just like our parents, children, or siblings, we normally worry when they get…

Longest Living Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds That Live the Longest

Unlike human beings, dogs have a shorter life span. Typically, most dogs seem to have a common lifespan of 10-13 years. But unknown to most people, there are dog breeds that have a long life expectancy with others living for more than 20 years. Interestingly,…

Most Popular Japanese Dog Breeds

Most Popular Japanese Dog Breeds

Just like any other country, Japan is home to some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Dogs are valued as a national treasure in Japan, and most of the time, they can cost around thousands of dollars. This is especially true for…

Best Dog Dental Chews

12 Best Dog Dental Chews to Buy in 2019

Ensuring dental health is as essential to humans as it is to animals. However, unlike with us, it can be difficult to achieve optimal dental health with our furry canine friends because we have to be careful to avoid being accidentally bitten. Although outright brushing…

Best Dog Ear Cleaners

10 Best Dog Ear Cleaners for Your Furry Friend

Similar to finding the right dog toothpaste and dog dental chews, choosing the best dog ear cleaner is very crucial and plays a major role in your dog’s overall health. Although the risk of your dog developing an ear infection depends on his breed, regular…