English Mastiff

Biggest Dog Breeds

Have you always loved big dogs and you are probably wondering what is the biggest dog breed? Well, you’d be surprised to know that there a variety of large dog breeds that have greatly been used for their muscular and strong bodies throughout history. However,…

Best Dog Food for Labs

10 Best Dog Food for Labs in 2019

Labrador retriever, popularly known as a lab, is a popular dog breed that is distinguished by its gentle nature and liveliness. Just like other dog breeds, labs require a highly digestible and balanced diet to keep them perfectly healthy and full of life. However, feeding…

Best Dog Car Harnesses
Apparel and Accessories

8 Best Dog Car Harnesses in 2019

There’s nothing more exciting for every dog lover than having a puppy in the household. Though having one makes you smile with his innocence, it’s mandatory for you to provide your puppy’s basic needs for him to stay healthy as he grows. In most cases,…

Best Dog Seat Belts
Apparel and Accessories

9 Best Dog Seat Belts in 2019

Car rides with dogs can be dangerous. They can be a big cause of distraction while driving, especially if they are energetic and you’re driving alone. It is for such instances that dog seat belts were made. By having the best dog seat belt, you…

How to Travel with a Dog

How to Travel With a Dog: Definitive Guide

For most pet owners, traveling with your pet can be an exciting experience. However, it requires careful consideration and a lot of planning before taking your dog for the next adventure. This article will guide you on how to travel with a dog as you…

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon

Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

We usually look for ice cream, popsicle, or water to keep us cool whenever the temperatures get high. However, the same can’t be applied to our dogs, except for water of course. To make sure that your dog is well hydrated and healthy at the…

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Dogs have quite a sensitive appetite for food. Most of them are not able to tolerate certain foods, especially fruits and nuts. Meanwhile, those who have ingested some can experience an upset stomach and possible changes in their mood, alertness, and even well-being. Therefore, devoted…

Best Dog Muzzles
Apparel and Accessories

9 Best Dog Muzzles in 2019

Sometimes, when people mention dog muzzles, the first thing that comes to mind is aggression. However, it has become common knowledge nowadays that aggression is not the only reason to get a muzzle for your dog. Other reasons include training, safe socialization, safe grooming, veterinary…

Best Wet Dog Foods

11 Best Wet Dog Foods in 2019

As pet owners, we only want the best for our dogs. In this day and age, there are lots of options on the market, and there are also a handful of varieties that you can choose from. When it comes to dog food, how can…