Knowing How to Feed Your Dog with Eggs

Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Dogs can eat almost anything. However, if you want your dog to be healthy and to avoid future health issues, then you have to pay attention to the food you give them. Dogs’ digestive system can indeed vary depending on their breed and size. Therefore,…

Can Dogs Eat Celery

Can Dogs Eat Celery? Your Guide to Celery for Dogs

For humans, celeries are great low-calorie and healthy snacks. Nevertheless, you’re unsure if these are healthy and safe for your dogs. You are probably wondering, Can dogs eat celery sticks as you do? Can dogs eat celery raw like the way you want it? Dogs…

Can Dogs Eat Lettuce

Can Dogs Eat Lettuce?

Every dog parent has given into the temptation to feed a morsel of their food under the table. It is common knowledge that dogs can eat some foods we eat. Nevertheless, some can be bad for a dog’s health. The question is what food category…

Can Dogs Eat Carrots

Can Dogs Eat Carrots?

Carrots are one of the well-known vegetables in the market that have high nutritional value. It is a nutritious snack and a tasty ingredient to our dishes. However, as a dog owner, you might find yourself wondering whether carrots provide the same benefits. It’s also…


Most Popular Australian Shepherd Mixes

Any dog-lover will be thrilled to see, as much as own, any Australian Shepherd mix. These dog breed mixes are definitely popular among the paw loving circles. Australian Shepherd, also concisely known as “Aussie”, is a famous dog breed that was originally grown and developed…

How Much to Feed a Dog

How Much to Feed a Dog?

One good way of treating your dog right is by keeping close attention to his food intake. Aside from keeping him well-fed, his diet and nourishment is also a very important factor you should consider. However, how much food should a dog eat? This is…

Best Cat Collars

9 Best Cat Collars in 2020

If you own one of the 54 million kitties that live in America as pets, you will already know that your feline friend is fluffy and cute. They also likely have an air of ‘plotting world domination’ about them at any one time. Sound familiar?…

Most Popular Border Collie Mixes

Most Popular Border Collie Mixes

With their quick bursts of speed and crouching stalk, Border Collies are excellent at herding sheep. They were bred as herding dogs, and if they don’t have sheep to herd, they may be seen trying to round up other living creatures. These dogs are highly…

How to Stop a Dog From Barking

How to Stop a Dog From Barking?

You can be a dedicated owner to your pet dog, shower him with adoration and food, and even pat him to the fullest. However, there might still be some moments that can make you get irritated. Aside from him peeing and defecating all over your…

Laziest Dog Breeds

Laziest Dog Breeds in the World

Sometimes the most beautiful thing in the world is just laying down on the couch and cuddle your baby dog. Let’s face it. Although it’s fun to play outdoors with a dog it is sometimes exhausting too. Thus, you should consider your lifestyle when getting…