Top Teacup Dog Breeds

Most Popular Teacup Dog Breeds

There is nothing cuter than teacup puppies. When comparing medium-sized dog breeds, it is clear that people love the idea of a dog that retains their small stature for their whole life. Getting a teacup pup will add love and lots of attention-seeking to your…

Most Popular Shiba Inu Mixes

Most Popular Shiba Inu Mixes

The Shiba Inu is an ancient dog breed whose existence dates back to before the 19th century and its origins can be traced to the mountainous terrains of Japan. It’s famous for its fluffy coat, fox-like appearance, and spirited yet attentive nature. Although they’re not…


11 of the Most Popular Chinese Dog Breeds

Did you know that some of the most popular dog breeds came from China? In fact, they’re so popular that you can even see them in all parts of the world. This is because China has some of the cuddliest dogs around; next to the…

Dog Bathing: How Many Times Should It Be Done

Dog Bathing: How Many Times Should It Be Done?

Bathing dogs is essential for their hygiene and health. However, not many pet owners have a clear idea of how many times they should bathe their dogs in a week. But, worry not because, in this article, we will be thoroughly explaining how often can you…

Can Dogs Eat Spinach

Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

Taking care of a pet dog can be one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences in an animal lover’s life; they take away the stress of our daily lives and make things feel a little better. As responsible pet owners, we need the make…

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans

Can Dogs Eat Green Beans?

Taking care of dogs requires extensive knowledge of the foods that will keep them healthy. We all know that chocolates are bad for them. However, can dogs eat green beans just like humans? If you are wondering about the answer to this question, then you…

Best Dog Probiotics

11 Best Dog Probiotics in 2020

Does your dog often get sick or suffers from digestive issues? Probably, you may have already heard the term ‘probiotics’ from the veterinarian if you had your dog checked up. But do you think it is indispensable? In simple terms, probiotics refer to friendly or…

Best Dog Foods for Huskies

8 Best Dog Foods for Huskies in 2020

Huskies are a special breed, aren’t they? Well, special dog breeds need special care when it comes to feeding. You’re in the right place, though. Here at Good Dogs Co we’ve got your back and brought you tips on how to choose the best dog…

Best Cheap Dog Food

11 Best Cheap Dog Foods to Choose for Your Dog

There’s a reason why dogs are considered human’s best friends. They can be the ideal pets by providing the most reliable natural safeguard possible while reducing your stress through the most adorable ways you ever see. Like any living creature, they require proper nourishment and…