Best Cat Treats

10 Best Cat Treats in 2020

Around 96 million cats are owned across the USA. They’re so cute and weird and at times, kind of evil. But we love them all the same. As cat owners, the love we give comes in the form of cuddles, stroking, grooming, playing, vet care…

Best Flea Collar for Cats

4 Best Flea Collar for Cats in 2020

As a cat owner, you want to keep your cat happy, safe and healthy. There are lots of ways to ensure your kitty’s wellbeing is great. A good diet, exercise, mental stimulation, and of course lots of fuss and cuddles all amount to a very…

Best Cat Harnesses

9 Best Cat Harnesses

Walking a cat on a harness used to be something only the bizarre would do, or perhaps the rich and famous (only the cat was a tiger or something similarly exotic). Luckily, many people have now recognised that harness-walking a cat is a really great…

Best Flea Treatments for Cats

9 Best Flea Treatments for Cats

Fleas are not a health issue for people, but for kitties, they can cause all kinds of problems. They are itchy and annoying for the animal at the very least. At the very most, your kitty could be allergic to the fleas spit, and with…

Best Flea Shampoos for Cats

8 Best Flea Shampoos for Cats in 2020

Cuddling, stroking and playing with your cat are great aspects of having a cat. However, with great snuggling power, comes great responsibility. As their owners, we also have to keep them healthy and happy. One important aspect of a cat’s health is keeping them free…