Have you ever encountered this scenario? You’re out and about, perhaps walking your own dog, or simply exploring and enjoying your neighborhood. Then out of the corner of your eye you catch it: a dog running loose. A wandering dog—whether stray, lost, or recently escaped—faces many dangers: vehicle traffic, the potential for injuries and illnesses, or even predatory animals. Life on the streets is no life for dogs or cats, but catching a stray dog can be very tricky.

Here are some tips so, the next time you encounter a wandering pup in your area, you can learn how to catch a stray dog. With some luck and a little preparation, you might even turn a dog’s entire life around. Read More

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A missing dog is terrible ordeal for any owner—an experience no one wants to go through if they can help it. Unfortunately, sometimes pets go missing even with all we do to prevent it. When you come across a dog that may not be a stray, but someone’s lost pet, it’s critical to do everything within our power to reunite the pet with their owner. Of dogs lost, 49% of owners were reunited with their pets by searching in their neighborhood, with 15% of the dogs being recovered because they were wearing some form of ID or had been microchipped. Only 6% of dog owners with lost animals were reunited with their dogs at a shelter.

Do you know what to do when you find a lost dog, to give it the best chance of being reunited with its owner?  Read More

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We like to focus on the positive experience owning a dog is. It’s a beautiful relationship that, at its core, stands to benefit both sides. At the beginning of all of that is a critical decision: Are you ready to bring a dog into your life?

It’s gut-check time. Rather than gloss over all the what-ifs and maybes, let’s be real. A dog is a ton of work, can be expensive, and will require a great deal of time. If you find yourself drawing closer and closer to the decision to get a dog, it’s time to be totally honest with yourself, and see if you’re ready to have a dog at this point in your life.

Not to sound like a mom, but it’s a big responsibility. So, do you think you’re ready? We’ve narrowed down some key points you need to consider before committing to a new canine sidekick.

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As designers and photographers, Ivana and I are always on the lookout for inspiring artof all kinds. The art projects of others inspire our own creative endeavors, they spur us into seeking out new features to share with our community, and sometimes they even move us to buy and hang it on our walls.

Recently, I’ve been really inspired by pet photographers. Pet portrait photography can be really challenging—when’s the last time you tried to get on your pet’s level, point a large camera at them, and keep them still yet engaged enough to click that shutter? It’s balancing an animal’s needs and temperament and mood while balancing all the usual technical and artistic pieces of photography, and every once in a while everything fits perfectly in their places and you’re left with one beautiful photo.

Here are a few pet photographers doing just what I described: creating art centered around animals. Their dog photography inspires us (or me, at least) and celebrates all the personality our canine companions can offer up to the camera.

Feature photo by The Dogist

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Last week, my worst nightmare happened to a friend of mine. Her three year old Bernese Mountain Dog was rushed to the veterinarian’s office with a grim diagnosis—bloat. They were given two options: put the dog down or try emergency surgery. Without hesitation, they opted for surgery. It wasn’t a guarantee, but it was their pup’s best chance at survival. Even after a successful surgery, they weren’t out of the woods yet and their dog required round-the-clock observation and care.

Owning a large (ahem, giant) breed dog, the risk for bloat is a fact of life. It’s also my absolute worst nightmare for Archer. It’s a topic I’ve dreaded even considering to write about, because the very notion I could have any sort of answers to bloat feels almost like tempting fate. But it’s a reality—it’s my reality—in owning a large breed dog, and something we should all talk about, share our experiences with, and, most of all, share our knowledge. Read More


Over the years, we’ve amassed quite the hoard of dog gear. Even after we’ve cleared out and donated what doesn’t work for us, the fact remains: owning a dog comes with a hefty amount of accessories! Some of which—now that we’ve owned a dog for a number of years—I don’t think I could live without. Every dog owner has their favorites list in their mind: the dog gear they’d recommend to anyone thinking of introducing a dog into their lives. Here’s what makes my list, every time. Read More


Changing veterinarians, for us, was a long time coming. Just as it’s important to find a family doctor you trust for yourself, it’s equally as important to find the same level of trust with your pet’s vet. Veterinarians have different personalities and styles—ultimately it will come down to whether or not you feel it’s a good fit.

Our Experience

Before we brought Archer home, we already lined up a veterinarian and a veterinary clinic at the recommendation of a friend. Our first checkup there was great. I knew immediately why my friend trusted him—he was awesome with a very no-nonsense approach. What we didn’t know: he was also in the process of accepting a position out of the country in a specialized field, which was wonderful for him but left us in the lurch.

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So you’ve done the research, you’ve saved the money, and you’re ready. Ready to take the plunge into the fun and furry world of dog ownership. You know everything there is to know about getting a dog.

Or do you?

No matter how prepared we think we are, dogs are living beings. Their personalities, their entire lives can be as unpredictable and nuanced as our own. As dog owners, we’re learning new things about our animals (and about dogs in general) even now, three years later. What about you?

We decided to put together some advice for future dog owners, from current dog owners. Here’s what we wish we knew before we got our dogs, and what some of our community members learned along the way! Read More

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